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A word from Aces

There are a few things I need to clarify:

  • This is all the recordings I have, some shows didn't record. Sorry.
  • The quality isn't great, I recorded everything at 16 bps due to filesize.
  • The show duration listed isn't very accurate.
  • Some of the earlier shows seem to jump and skip portions of the show. I know, I was trying to do that. I was only interested in the DJ talking, not the music.
  • Enjoy, Aces

Show DateShow TitleEst. DurationDownload
12-09-2018DJ Copper in the mood on Radio Poverty00:47:25Download
12-09-2018DJ^Linda - NOT My time slot!! - Live on RadioPoverty!02:49:09Download
12-09-2018DJ_Hotsambal Eclectic Musings Radio Poverty02:17:41Download
12-09-2018Radio Poverty - Dad01:42:55Download
12-08-2018DeepPrpl - Break Up Songs (Radio Poverty)00:00:43Download
12-08-2018DeepPrpl - We Are Gonna Rock (Radio Poverty)00:27:25Download
12-08-2018The Resident Redneck on Radio Poverty02:54:48Download
12-06-2018DeepPrpl - Break Up Songs (Radio Poverty)00:30:35Download
12-04-2018DJ-Angel- Live on RadioPoverty-Rockin Afternoon02:19:39Download
12-04-2018DJ^GG Going Back To My Young Free & Single Roots02:08:39Download
12-04-2018DJ^Linda - Live on RadioPoverty!01:14:45Download
12-04-2018The Resident Redneck on Radio Poverty00:28:07Download
12-03-2018DJ^Linda - Monday Night Madness!! .... OR (if you prefer) .... Tuesday Madness!02:32:19Download
12-02-2018DJ-Angel- Live on RadioPoverty-Country Afternoon02:17:09Download
12-02-2018DJ_Hotsambal Eclectic Musings Radio Poverty02:15:01Download
12-02-2018Radio Poverty - Dad01:42:43Download
12-02-2018The Resident Redneck on Radio Poverty01:23:25Download
11-30-2018DJ^JDI @ Radio Poverty04:20:06Download
11-30-2018radiopoverty-DJ^Brian-Music of the 80s01:43:37Download
11-29-2018DJ^Linda - Live on RadioPoverty!02:00:23Download
11-28-2018DJ^Linda - Mopping-up after DJ^Brian - Live on RadioPoverty!01:52:50Download
11-28-2018radiopoverty-DJ^Brian-Cowbells rule01:43:29Download
11-25-2018DJ-Angel- Live on RadioPoverty-Country Afternoon02:18:18Download
11-25-2018DJ^Linda (whom) - RadioPoverty!01:09:46Download
11-25-2018Radio Poverty - Dad01:44:00Download
11-24-2018DJ^Aces - Has NO fucks to give @ RadioPoverty.com00:41:22Download
11-24-2018DJ^Kat Oh What The Hell! @RadioPoverty02:33:01Download
11-23-2018radiopoverty-DJ^Brian- Rock and Roll at RP01:43:38Download
11-22-2018DJ Copper in the mood on Radio Poverty01:24:34Download
11-21-2018DJ^JDI @ Radio Poverty00:07:37Download
11-21-2018radiopoverty-DJ^Brian- Hits with a banjo 01:40:45Download
11-19-2018DJ^GG This & That 02:23:55Download
11-18-2018DJ Copper in the mood on Radio Poverty00:40:19Download
11-18-2018DJ^Kat Oh What The Hell! @RadioPoverty02:31:58Download
11-18-2018DJ_Hotsambal Eclectic Musings Radio Poverty02:27:56Download
10-11-2018Radio Poverty - Dad00:19:50Download
09-16-2018DJ^GG Filling In For Dancer-This N That01:59:17Download
09-15-2018DJ^Copper - In The Mood @ RadioPoverty01:05:00Download
09-15-2018Dj^Justy 00:56:35Download
09-15-2018DJ^Kat Oh What The Hell @RadioPoverty01:54:58Download
09-15-2018DJ^Mystique This That and Something Else01:00:15Download