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A word from Aces

There are a few things I need to clarify:

  • This is all the recordings I have, some shows didn't record. Sorry.
  • The quality isn't great, I recorded everything at 16 bps due to filesize.
  • Some of the earlier shows seem to jump and skip portions of the show. I know, I was trying to do that. I was only interested in the DJ talking, not the music.
  • Enjoy, Aces

Show DateShow TitleDurationDownload
03-25-2023DJ^Brian Cowbells finale here03:02:00Download
03-25-2023DJ^Cubbys My Final Show at RadioPoverty Body Parts @RadioPoverty06:27:00Download
03-25-2023DJ^SweetKat Sultry Saturday @ RadioPoverty 03:53:00Download
03-24-2023DJ^Cubbys Country and RockTunes @RadioPoverty01:54:00Download
03-24-2023DJ^SweetKat A Lil Mop Up @ RadioPoverty 03:53:00Download
03-24-2023DJ^SweetKat Flirty Friday @ RadioPoverty 02:11:00Download
03-23-2023DJ^Linda - Maid of Music @RadioPoverty07:07:00Download
03-23-2023DJ^SweetKat Fluffin For Linda @ RadioPoverty 02:25:00Download
03-22-2023DJ^Brian This and That03:02:00Download
03-20-2023DJ^Copper - In the Mood00:33:00Download
03-19-2023DJ^SweetKat Sultry Sunday Sinners @ RadioPoverty 07:47:00Download
03-18-2023DeepPrpl (Radio Poverty)01:08:00Download
03-18-2023DJ^Brian Double shots03:09:00Download
03-17-2023DJ^SweetKa t Freakin Fantastic Friday Tunes @ RadioPoverty 09:11:00Download
03-16-2023DJ^Linda - Maid of Music @RadioPoverty06:22:00Download
03-16-2023DJ^SweetKat Fluffin For DJ^Linda @ RadioPoverty 02:15:00Download
03-15-2023DJ^Brian Best of my mashups03:04:00Download
03-13-2023DJ^SweetKat A Little Mop Up @ RadioPoverty 07:24:00Download
03-12-2023DJ^SweetKat A Little Mop Up @ RadioPoverty 02:57:00Download
03-11-2023DJ^Brian EZ top 40 and classic rock03:02:00Download
03-11-2023DJ^Cubbys Country and RockTunes @RadioPoverty04:40:00Download
03-11-2023DJ^SweetKat Fluffin For DJ^Bratty Brian @ RadioPoverty 02:11:00Download
03-09-2023DeepPrpl (Radio Poverty)02:06:00Download
03-09-2023DJ^Linda - Maid of Music @RadioPoverty03:16:00Download
03-08-2023DJ^Brian 80s hits03:04:00Download
03-07-2023DJ^SweetKat Totally Toe Tappin Tokin Tuesday Tunes @ RadioPoverty 11:45:00Download
03-05-2023DJ^SweetKat Hard To Follow Cubby..... @ RadioPoverty 02:57:00Download
03-04-2023DJ^Brian Duets03:04:00Download
03-04-2023DJ^Cubbys Dance and Rock But Mostly Dance Tunes @RadioPoverty05:03:00Download
03-02-2023DJ^Linda - Maid of Music @RadioPoverty07:56:00Download
03-02-2023DJ^SweetKat Fluffin For DJ^Linda @ RadioPoverty 01:59:00Download
03-01-2023DJ^Brian Canadian content02:18:00Download
02-28-2023DJ^SweetKat Tantalizing Teasing Toking Tuesday @ RadioPoverty 08:42:00Download
02-25-2023DJ^Brian The Music lives on02:58:00Download
02-25-2023DJ^Cubbys Pop And Rock @RadioPoverty04:44:00Download
02-24-2023DJ^SweetKat A Lil Mop Up Duty @ RadioPoverty 05:24:00Download
02-23-2023DJ^Linda - Maid of Music @RadioPoverty06:58:00Download
02-22-2023DJ^Brian tunes by and about females03:02:00Download
02-22-2023DJ^SweetKat Yadda Yadda Yadda @ RadioPoverty 02:30:00Download
02-21-2023DJ^SweetKat Tick Tock Tokin Taco Tuesday @ RadioPoverty 06:11:00Download
02-19-2023DJ^SweetKat Wait... What @ RadioPoverty 04:03:00Download
02-18-2023DJ^Brian dancing at the club03:02:00Download
02-18-2023DJ^Cubbys Just Rock! @RadioPoverty06:28:00Download